Shining bright on a Wednesday

I am just about done with my work day and I feel like today I had a moment of empowerment. A moment for me to shine, to prove to myself that I am more than capable to lead a room and naturally capture the attention of my audience.  It felt good to be in control, I felt so empowered.


Yesterday a coworker called me frantic, he had an important VR (virtual reality) demo to run for a small group but was instructed by a doctor to stay home because he was contagious.  So I stepped up and agreed to take over the demo on his behalf, the only problem was I wasn’t experienced on one of the demos so I needed to be trained.  Being that I retain new information really well I wasn’t too worried.  I found some time to meet with our Media Lab manager and got the 411 on the room setup for the Vive and how to successfully run The Walk VR experience. After the quick download I walked away feeling uncertain, not so much because I thought I wouldn’t be able to run the demo on the various devices but more so if I could lead the group and keep them interested and engaged.

When the demo time came around this afternoon to my surprise I was able to run 3 separate VR experiences on my own without any hiccups.  90 minutes later we were done and everyone who attended the demo told me how great of a host I was and how fun I made the experience for them.  I  felt like I shined so bright at that moment.  I did it on my own. I felt like I could do anything, seems strange that this demo session gave me so much strength because I’ve been running VR demos for our consumer facing products currently in development for the last month…maybe it was the fact that the guys in the lab kept telling me that learning how to setup The Walk was so complicated because of the amount of steps and the little things you have to do before you can even start the experience and I got it in less than 30min!

I personally go through moments of insecurity, moments where I feel like my talents are not recognized because I’m flawed in some way.  But then there are days like today where in an hour and a half block of time I was able to shine bright like a diamond (I tried to use a different descriptive sentence so you wouldn’t immediately have Rhianna’s voice in your head, epic fail…sorry). We all have moments of despair and insecurity, but don’t stop shining because you will regain your confidence when you least expect it.


via Daily Prompt: Shine


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